Last Day of Duck Season with a bonus Goose or 2

It was the last day of Kansas Duck Season for 2010-11. After yesterday’s surprise birds who knew what could happen today. All I can say is I had a shell in my gun this morning. Again, right after we get done setting up I hear Benton say DON”T MOVE… My favor words when I am IN the blind. Lucky I was!!! Some where not… I looked up in time to see a group of about 50 mallards crashing the decoys only a few minutes AFTER legal shooting time. YES!!! As they came in I picked out two drakes and when Benton made the call it was ON. I got one solid fold on my first shot and knocked down the second, or so I thought. We looked all over only to find him.

The rest of the day was for the bird, and bye birds I mean Geese… and Dogs. Dakota (the chocolat) and Kinzie (the yellow)

Single Goose comes a long ways down

A Fail, but backed up by Benton

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