Snow Goose JUMP IN KS!!!

 I received an invite this morning to do a SE KS snow goose jump during the conservation season. I have never done one of these so I jumped at the chance to do so. Chip (the inviter) was nice enough to put this together and we decided to go down the night before to make the day a little more manageable since it was an hour and half  from home. So we got up at 5 am and met 3 other guys out there for a total of 5 shooters. We got to the pond 1 hour before sunrise and snuck up to the base of the dam and waited till LST. The numbers of snows on the pond where not crazy but once we where well within LST the 5 of us ran up the damn and opened up on them… what followed was crazy. Snow geese where falling everywhere!!! I had never done this before but these guys where pros. After the initial shooting of the birds I just watch but that was a mistake. The one thing about snow geese that I did not know is they run… the second they hit the ground they RUN!!! The pros started shooting crips the second they stop couldn’t get any more group shots in. What followed can only be described as organized chaos. There are geese going everywhere. The other side of the pond is covered in 50+ geese running up the bank out into the field. We tracked birds up to 1 mile away and some were still in full sprint mode. I had left Dakota in the car because there was no way she could be quite for over an hour at the base of the dam with 1000+ geese on the other side 20 feet away. Once she was out she was on fire fetching snow geese all over the pasture with many ¼ mile blind retrieves. She was a whooped puppy. Our final count on this pond was 94…

But, on the way home Chip found a little spot he had permission on to hunt and luck would have it there was a group of about 100 on it. His knee was hurting and the field was solid mud so it’s was just Dakota and I on this sneak. 3 shells later I had 13 of my own and Dakota was up to the task of fetching all of them, again up to 1/2 out on some. That was one tired dog and 107 birds later a great experience. I will be back at on next year if I get a chance… What a finish to the 2010 – 11 goose season.

~ Nick

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