DU End of the year Hunt…

 You know everyone has their own thing. We like to give back to the sport that we love by being part of our local Ducks Unlimited Chapter. The great part about DU is you get to meet people with like interests. Every year we do an End of the Year hunt for Committee member only. This year we trecked over to Muddy Creek Outfitters. Now I am not a big fan of hunting pen raised birds but with the season being over you really don’t have much of a choice, and the truth is this is a lot for about good fellow ship than the hunt. That said the hunt was not too bad. After a great night of cards and good drink we went out for a chucker and pheasant hunt. The birds flew well for us and we got 37 of the 40 birds that where put out. Not to bad of work. Lots of great dog work and fun Chapter outing.

~ Nick

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