April 8th Fall River

Made a trip Down to Fall River KS today with a buddy Jeff P. The trip down was as foggy as it gets. We started out working minnows on some breaks with scatter success. There was just no clear pattern this morning with us only getting 11 nice crappie. Jeff did manage his 16 1/4 in hog… Still no 16 for me this year. It really looks like the spawn is being pushed back with the cool weather. Water was about 60 degrees.

On a side note the blue wing migration was on this morning. We where fishing in the fog bye the dam this morning a group of blue wing teal swam up to the boat. We could only see about 30 yard s out into the lake but they started calling and shortly over a thousand teal flew over and landed around us. They where right on top of us as they where just materializing out of the fog. Dakota was fit to be tied. ~ Nick

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