Truman Crappie Fish and Spider Rigging with video

April '11 100

This weekend found Benton Adam and I fishing Truman Lake. The is in the pre-spawn period which means crappie and staging off the first or second break on a ledge or in a cove waiting to run into the banks as soon as the water hit’s 65 degrees.

We spent a little time using the electronics to find the fish in the location we were looking for out of the 30+ mph wind. With today’s graphs and GPS I have learned that they don’t lie. If you don’t see the fish on the screen then don’t waste your time fishing. Well Adam was using his Garman electronics and after a couple of unsuccessful stops we found a screen full of fish on a break and thought we should investigate farther. Good choice, this ends up being a great choice. We found a great school of mostly black crappie on subtle break from 12 to 15 ft of water in the middle of a cove. We proceeded to catch a 3 man limit in about 2 hours…  (Spider rigging video below)

~ Nick

Benton and Adam Spider Rigging

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