Cold Front on Melvern

Eric and I headed out to Melvern this morning but couldn’t get too early. The thunderstorms this morning kept us off the water until after 9:30. Although the fish do bite some it’s not near as fun when it’s raining.

When we did get out there we went straight for an old flooded pond that the damn is submerged but come up to 4 feet of water. The male crappie where on top of the old damn 2 feet down just like I hoped they would be. We casted a jig with a bobber and pulled 17 off of it when we did not expect to get any fish to be up shallow. It just so much fun this time of year to see those males as dark as they are and as much as they fight. Sometime it’s hard to tell the different between a crappie and a white bass. After about 45 minutes of decent action they stopped biting like a light switch. The water was 56 degrees with it having yoyo-ed so much the last two week we didn’t know where to go. We worked some more rocky shores and found a few losing a big female 14+ at the boat. The rest of the day was tough going, we found the females scattered around. They ranged anywhere form on the breaks in 5 ft of water to out in the brush in 17. After the damn we just couldn’t find anymore males where.

All in all a Good Friday…


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