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If you don’t know who they are, then it’s none of your Damn Business… – Bobby Hill

It’s time for my dad and his friends annual Coyotes outing. FOC – Fraternal Order of the Coyotes. This is a group of friends that start getting together at least once a year to hunt or fish together and have been doing this for 44 years. Can’t we all be this lucky to have friends like this. Well about 15 years ago the made the mistake of inviting some of the “kids” along. Well we have been tagging along ever since. We are even allowed to bring a new friend to this “secret” meeting now. So Adam joined me again this year at LOZ for a weekend of fun and fun.

Thursday evening on the way down to the party Adam and I decided to stop by Truman lake and fish around for a while. We found a nice road that dead ends into the lake and dropped the boat in. It was a great evening as the strong NW wind died down and we found some nice pre-spawn fish. We ended up catching 50 fish on the way down with a good keeper to throw back ratio. (We took the counter to keep track for the weekend) We also stopped by the MO spring Camp and got to meet some of the interesting characters that where there as well as the owner of the website Slab, it’s always interesting who you run into.

Friday found us fishing at LOZ, which has been good the last two years there just has not been a lot of great size with the crappie on our arm of the lake, the little Niangua. Adam and I worked hard on Friday and pulled out a limit minnow rigging around our neck of the woods and then we went up to the Linn Creek arm and fished there. Again same thing with a good number of fish but no size. We found them in 15 to 20 ft of water suspended next to any structure we could find. We fished hard before dinner and ended up with our limit but not a lot of quality fish.

Saturday had Adam and me taking my Dad and my brother-in-law Matt back to Truman Lake. We fished around the Hay Creek area and found what we were looking for. We spider rigged minnows and casted jigs until we found a steady bite of good 10 to 12 inch fish. We ended up with a 4 man 15 fish limit. Again, the fish where in a pre-spawn pattern in 12 to 15 foot of water just off the break. Spider rig a minnow around them and you will have a good time.

Our total fish caught for the weekend was 305. Not too bad for a weekend. All in all it was a great weekend with lots of good stories.

~ Nick

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