Crappie on Melvern 6-18

We made out to Melvern this morning. Water is about 80 degrees. We had a heavy rain last night but the lower end of the lake is still clear… At Melvern it’s a brush pile lake so the bite for crappie will be on the piles. We got out this morning at 6:30 and hit a pile on the end of a point we fish regularly.

With all the weather last night and this morning the fish where tight to the pile. We used line counter reels to suspend minnows just above the brush pile. The bite was hot this morning until the wind died down. Lots of 12 to 14 in fish. About 8 am the wind stopped all together and the bite slowed down considerably. You had to take a minnow with a good weight and drop it down into the actual pile to get them to bite. Note the base of the pile held the bigger fish today. They didn’t leave they just slowed down until the wind came up. All in all lots of good fish with a quick 2 hour 2 man limit. After we where done fishing I took out the new Hummingbird HDI 597 and used the down imaging to look at the piles. You could easily see the fish still hanging just off the piles and in some cases in the pile it’s self. They are there get after them…

~ Nick

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