Biggest Wiper Yet…. and Bass

Tonight found Jeff Davis and I out Wiper fishing at the local power plant lake. We where trolling 1 oz rattle traps and the new deep diving thin fin rattling crank baits over under water humps. We didn’t kill them tonight but Jeff did start the night off with a nice 19 inch keeper.

Shortly there after that, I hooked into what I was sure was a hog. It didn’t dig much but had great weight and had one nice run. When it got to the surface Jeff and I both went ahh crap… Sad that the biggest bass I have caught in years was a disappointment. 23 inches and could fit a full fist in his mouth. I am going to guess him at about 6 lbs, a great fish but to bad it’s a disappointing fish when when your wiper fishing. This fish was caught on a break in 12 ft of water on a blue deep diving thin fin.

The next fish was the reason we went out tonight. When he hit I knew it was a wiper, a good solid fish. But as he came to the surface I could not see him. All I hear was Jeff say, man this one is big… I mean HUGE… At that point I tried not to look down and only focus on fighting him. Not to mention that 2 other lines where tangled in this one and we had to get those out. Next Jeff gets ready to net him and all I can see is a huge fish JUMP OUT of the net. No fault of Jeffs he is just that big… Finally Jeff nets the damn thing… Final result is 28 inches long and an 19 inch girth. My biggest wiper ever!!!

He was a true trophy in any KS water. Here is a picture of him next to the 19 incher. Makes him look small… We did have to hurry home, had a little weather to worry about tonight. Thin Fin Deep divers… THEY WORK…

~ Nick

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