Truman Crappie Day 1…

The start of a 3 DAY WEEKEND at Adam’s LOZ place. With that said we headed out of town about 5:30 this morning on our way to Crappie Fish Truman Res. We arrived at Bucksaw around 7:30 and had to wait out about a 45 minutes thundershower before heading out. Adam talked with the local guide at Everhearts in Clinton MO who is always spot on. With his advise we headed up river to spider rig open timber. All I can say is today was average at best. Three of us ended up with about 25 nice fish but we just could find a solid pattern other than scattered fish in the timber. After moving back down river we did find a few fish on a nice brush pile but after a short minnow count we ran out and had to call it an early morning. I think we could have grinded out close to a limit but it just wasn’t in the cards.

We did come back out in the afternoon looking for some Hybrids but all of them but one had lock jaw. We just couldn’t get a pattern going fishing large breaks bye the damn… We did find this American symbal watching over us as we fished.


But all is not lost, for those of you that don’t know when we travel we eat well…

~ Nick

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