Crappie and the shad odyssey

Today found us sleeping in a little to recover from Friday Night, those steaks sure can cause a headache in the morning if you have one to many…

After a bit of a slow start and another rain delay we did get out on Truman again just after noon today. We put in at Lone Shoal just in time to find out they are out of minnows… So Eric and I had our own boat and and debate about what to do(the saying never pass minnows to buys minnows is so true)… About 30 minutes later minnows arrived. So we headed up stream and found a group of brush piles in 12 to 16 fow and started spider rigging over them. The fishing was steady but not hot, and the deeper piles produced more fish. We tried moving to a new spot but after talking to some other fisherman and Adam and his dad we ended up going back to the piles and grinding out a two man limit. Not the best we have done but still we where able to get the job done. Adam and his dad tried the hard woods but again, didn’t find a solid pattern and went back to try and find the wipers. They struck out again on Sat on wipers… All in all Truman was tough but we found fish. water temp 80 degrees

In the evening, we headed back to LOZ to set out some trout and Jug lines on the channel breaks. Out side of Adams house the channel goes from 5 foot to 35 and you know what that means. BIG FISH… The problem was we could not find the shad. We spent over and hour making 75+ casts trying find enought to bait with which is not normal.

~ Nick

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