Big Cat Fisk…

This morning found us itching to go check our set lines… but we wanted to have some bait to rebait them as we check them since we have decided to skip crappie fish and just run the trout lines today since we only have a 1/2 day on the water before we have to head home… only problem is NO BAIT… No shad, no blue gill in over 100+ casts… finally in the very back of a cove we find 6 shad in 3 cast in 4 to 5 fow.

Troutline time… darn, we only have two little 2 lbs fish on the first 25 hooks. Then we strike out on the next jug line although two hooks where slimmed and twisted so we had visiters. Then we go to the first deep water set, here is what follows…

40 lb Blue Cat on a Floating Troutlines – Lake of the Ozarks

Solid fish in the 40lbs range. I am not big on keeping big fish we wanted to have some in the freezer and had planned ahead of time we where going to keep what we catch. We where using cut or whole shad right on or in the hard break in the river channel.

We ran the rest of the strings and had a nice fish on each one. Here is another nice cat.

Nice Blue Cat on a Jug Line at Lake of the Ozarks

All in all it was a great weekend of crappie and cats…

~ Nick

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