4th of July Weekend

So I need to get caught up on the past few weeks. I took 6 days and went to my parents lake house at the Ozarks to hang out with my pops and do some fishing. Once I got there, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to chase: cats, slabs on Truman, or wiper on Truman. We decided to try trolling for some crappie on Truman since we had been so successful the two weeks past. We ended up trolling cranks up around the dam area. It took a little while to find them, but once we did, it was only a matter of time before we were loading the boat. We started out trolling six different colors: black, white, two colors of pink, a chartruese, and a clear orange. The orange was catching everything, so we switched all rods over to something that had red or orange on it. Luckily I had just convinced my dad to buy 25 bandits the week before… The key seemed to maintain a a speed under 2mph, with the best speed being around 1.8. We were using the Minn Kota Terova to troll with the wind and started the big motor to troll into the wind. Our setup is ideal and very comfortable. We are able to troll 6 rods out of the back of the boat. We use two 14’s, two 12’s or 10’s and two short rods. Zig zagging back and forth seems to help attract strikes since it speeds up and slows down the cranks. We were catching some real quality black and white crappie. Trolling cranks is great because it weeds out the small crappie. Usually if you catch, it will keep. We finished the day early before the extreme heat set in.

We started the day on day 2 by trolling early for wiper, but didn’t pick anything up. We actually had a brand new trolling rod fall out of the rod holder. It was like it was in slow motion when it happened. I almost jumped in after it, but there was not hope. We trolled back and forth in the same area until one of our other rods bent over. I had a feeling it might had caught the lost rod and sure enough, it had hooked the eye at the very tip of the rod. We were celebrating and decided to go troll for crappie again. We were able to repeat on day 2 by trolling cranks again. We also picked up a small wiper in the process. So far we have caught more wiper trolling for crappie than we have fishing for wiper… The highlight of the day was when we had went through our sweet spot and two rods bent over. My dad grabbed one and I grabbed one. We both get our fish in and I dropped my rod so I could focus on getting the hooks out of the fish. When I dropped it, it caught on my dad’s line and set the hook directly into his finger. It was lodged DEEP past the barb. We tried yanking it out with the pliers and it wouldn’t come out. As bad as it hurt we were both laughing because we looked back and the other four rods had fish on. My dad was yelling at me to hurry up and I was reeling in fish as fast as I could. It was a riot. I dropped my dad off at the emergency room to have the hook removed while I went home to clean fish.

Day 3 we went fishing with the best guide on Truman lake and one of the best fisherman that I know of: Richard Bowling. He is a guide out of Bucksaw marina and I have learned so much by going with him. For those who have been on Truman, it is very overwhelming how many trees exist. Richard has grown up on the lake and knows exactly which trees hold fish….and which hold big ol’ gooduns. I always get a kick out of it, because every time my dad and I go with Richard, he asks where we want to go. I always tell him we catch thousands of crappie every year. I want to get the big ones. We started up from Bucksaw against our better judgement. I had read online on other fishing reports that the water up from Bucksaw was horrible and the fish were non-existent. I was in the back of the boat and Richard and my dad were in the front. The first tree we pulled up to, I nailed a 13″. The second tree I nailed another 13″. We fished for awhile up river and caught some gooduns. We decided to head back below Bucksaw since Richard said it had been on fire. We stopped to pick up a 12 of Busch Light on the way, so I knew it was going to be a good day. Richard showed us lots of spots that I would have never even noticed. Most were stobs of trees just barely under the surface. They were loaded with fish. We caught our limits and called it a day. It is always a blast fishing with Richard and I recommend going with him.

We took day 4 off and just partied…

With a hurtin’ head, we got up late on day 5 and my dad and his buddies wanted to head back to Truman to see if we could catch some fish. The word must have gotten out that a boat was catching the hell out of crappie by the dam, because there were people all over the place. We decided to get minners and head to a open flat that we had marked a bunch of fish. We dropped double minnow rigs down and immediately started ripping fish. I dont’ think my dad’s buddies could believe we were out in the middle of the lake fishing like that. I think they learned how to read a fishfinder and how to slow troll with rigs like that. We ended up filling the livewell quickly. We didn’t keep limits; just enough for lunch. We went back to the house and I grilled up the crappie. We finished 50 fillets in 5 minutes, so I guess they were OK…

~ Adam

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