Melvern (all) weekend

Well, I had to guide a buddy from work and his son on Sunday at Melvern, so I decided to pre-fish it on Saturday, also.

I went with another buddy from work and his son Saturday morning and had planned on meeting another one of the fearsome foursome down at Melvern in the afternoon. We got on the water on Saturday around 11:30 and hit the first pile out of Arrow Rock. It was already smoking hot outside and I was afraid our minners might die. I had loaded up on the way down. We had three minner buckets with bubbles going. They were all loaded to the brim with a good count from Lake n Dale. We probably had 15-18 dozen. We located the first pile and I showed the guys the rules on long poles. I really enjoy spider rigging and lately it has almost gotten too easy, so we have been single poling deep in the brush. We dropped down and immediately started catching fish. I was not going to keep fish that morning since I planned on keeping that afternoon with Eric. We were catching hundreds of fish and had not even moved off that same pile. I got a call from Eric around 2:30 and he was at the ramp. He had his 7 yr old son with him and we headed off to find another active pile. I left Troy and his son on the same pile that we started on. They proceeded to finish their minners and headed home. What a day…but we had just started. Below is a pic of me and Troy’s son with a couple of gooduns.

Eric, Kale, and I moved to a different pile and caught hundreds of fish. Kale was such a sport. I have never been around a 7 year old that has caught as many fish as he has at his age. We moved to another pile further down the lake and it held the monsters. We finally ran out of minners at 8:15 and the crappie would not hit a jig. It never ceases to amaze me how the crappie will destroy any piece of minnow, but will not touch plastic. At least when I fish it. They just want meat. The best pile we fished was in 10 foot of water.

On Sunday, we left my house at 5:15AM to beat the heat. It was hotter than Hades already. We loaded up with minnows and did not get a good count at the gas station at the Shell station at the second Gardner exit. We launched from Arrow rock and hit the first pile. I had to give the guidance on how to handle the long poles again. What we refer to as “Old Faithful” becuase it is always holds loads of fish was not holding them at all. I was afraid they were thinking that I didn’t know what I was doing. We hit the next pile and it paid off. They could not believe that there could be that many fish in one area. Crappie were steadily flowing in the boat and we had the opportunity to get 60 that day. Things were looking up. All of a sudden, the water exploded around us with shad and white bass. Luckliy I had a sassy shad rigged on a short rod in the rod holder. I pitched out and hooked a few small whites. I was a little dissappointed at the size.

We ran out of minnows around 10:30 and I gave them the option to go to the marina to get more or call it a day. They must have been having a good time, because they said “keep the good times rolling”. We loaded up with more minners and had lunch at the marina. The marina on Melvern is very nice and cozy. I really enjoyed hanging out there for a little bit.

We headed back up the lake to a little honey hole pile. It was absolutely loaded with crappie, but not much size. We ended the day when we ran out of minners again, which was probably around 1:30. I sent Chris and his 9.5yr old son home with 46 keepers. It was another very enjoyable trip especially being able to take another kid fishing. He was very well mannered and I think he had a blast fishing.

Weekend total estimates…30+ dozen minners. 500-600 crappie.

~ Adam

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