Hillsdale Surprise

If you fish in Eastern KS you know that Hillsdale lake is the closest lake to Olathe. You also know it then by default get’s the most pressure. HD really is a wonderful fishery, it seems to have great year classes of crappie one after the other. The problem with HD thought is two fold, first since the high pressure from harvest fish that reach the minimum 10 inch length limit get removed from the lake fairly fast. Second, the larger crappie at HD seem to vanish over the summer months, at least for us… so today when Adam and I went to HD we had not been there in over two months. Having fished this lake for several years we had a good idea of where to start but no idea where the fish really where. You can imagine our suprise when the first spot we pulled up to we started catching good solid fish at a rapid rate. With the water Temp at an even 90 degees tonight you just don’t know what you will find. We have been having good success fishing brush piles this time of year so we felt like this would be the way to start today. We never got farther than 30 feet from where we started.

When you fish HD you should always catch fish, but when you catch a lot of good size that is something to be excited about. Imagine our surprise when we finished our 2 man¬†limit in little under 2 hours. We didn’t keep any fish but had a great time with catch and release.

Below are two Vidoes of us spider rigging today.

Spider Rigging Crappie at Hilldale Res. in KS

Spider Rigging Crappie at Hillsdale Res, Garmin Depth Finder

~ Nick


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