Hillsdale Surprise Times 3

I was lucky enough to join Eric and Adam out tonight to see if this weeks pattern was still holding true. Tomorrow we are going to have a guest join us and we wanted to make sure we knew right where the fish were so we can say to him, they were here yesterday!!!

Anyways, we made our way out to Hillsdale again to do some spider rigging and minnow dippin.  As luck would have it the fish where right where they should be. We started out fishing brush and hard timber in 15 to 20 ft of water and the crappie where right where we left them. One minnow suspended right above the brush brought those fish right out of it and into the boat. The first stop had lots of good fish but the size and quality tonight was a little disapointing compaired to earlier in the week. We fished on our first top for about an hour and half then we made the move out to some brush in the middle of the lake. Eric seemed to have the hot hand tonight.

Once we had transitioned to our new location we started spider rigging over the top of several old brush piles that start in 7 foot of water and work their way out to 20 ft. There where fish on every pile. We  proceded to finish out our 3 man limit of 60 Fish in the next couple of hours. With a keep to throw back ratio of about 4 to 1 we can safely say we caught about 250 fish tonight. Not a bad evening with no other boats in site.


Oh did I mention you can spider rig for walleye also. Adam and Eric both pulled out nice 19+ inch fish. Not a bad way to finish the evening.

We ended up having a great day fishing with a lot of nice fish mixed in.  The problem ocurred on the way home. Adam blew out a strut on the frame of his boat on the way home. Not to worry, I drove separately in my truck so I made quick trip home and brought back the needed supplies to fix it. A 2×4 cut into 2 pieces… After about 30 minutes we were back on our way. Great night with some great fish. HD surprises again.

Here are a couple of videos of us spider rigging tonight. We get a few people who ask how can you catch 250 fish in an evening. Below are some video of us catching 10 fish in less than 2 minutes,  the first one is us around some suspended trees catching fish just under the surface the other in in open water.

Spider Rigging around submerged trees

 Spider Rigging open water brush piles

~ Nick

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