Garnett was hot at 102

Jeff and I got up semi early this morning to head down south to try some trolling and wiper fishing. We didn’t stop to get any minnow or even throw the crappie rods in. We where planning on trolling cranks all day to at least try and keep some air on us. Our plan worked to some small degree, but with the temp over 100 there really is no way to stay cool.

We spent the day trolling crank baits that ranged from thin fin deep divers, shallow and deep diving bombers, and bandits. The best way to describe today was it was a Jeff kind of day. Every time Jeff picked up the rod with a fish on you didn’t know what he was going to real in(that’s why all the pictures are of him). Together we caught all types of fish, me mostly 5 to 8 lb channel cats, white bass and small crappie. Jeff on the other had picked up two nice Wiper to start out with, both well over 21 inches.

About mid morning the wiper bite stopped so we decided to look around a little bit and try some new places. What we found was very interesting, white bass, black bass and large crappie all on a break around 15 ft of water. Jeff continued to put it on me pulling this nice 6 lb bass and 14 inch crappie.

In the above picture of the depth finder you can see the break we were trolling. On the bottom section of the screen you can see the shad on the far right and suspended crappie right on the break. The bass are a little harder to find but are out on the down slop of the break, they show up as a big white line just off the bottom. We where catching the whites out off the break on the turns in deeper water chasing shad, We where able to pick up fish on every pass until we finally gave up on the heat around 3, it was a great trip. Its amazing that’s it’s 102 and we where able to catch several large bass and crappie in the middle of the day. Garnett is quickly becoming a fun little place.

~ Nick

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