South Dakota here we come

After a successful pheasant hunting trip to SD last year, I was invited back this year. Last year we saw a ridiculous number of waterfowl and kicked ourselves for not being able to hunt. So this year we put in as a group for the drawing to hunt SD for waterfowl. In my humble opinion, this philosophy of limiting the number of out of state hunters is wrong because they are limiting the amount of revenue they could get from this plentiful resource. See pic below from one of our days last year.

Anyway, we are heading back on a 5 day combo trip. Today we found out that we were successful and got drawn to hunt waterfowl for the unit we specified.  Since you can’t hunt pheasants until noon, we are hunting ducks in the morning and pheasants in the afternoon. There will be four of us plus my lab, Kenzie. The guy I am going with is from SD and his brother lives up there. He knows lots of guys with land and we will probably party hunt (20 guys) for a few days and hunt on our own for a few days. Hunting with just a couple guys is more fun in my opinion, but I like group hunting too, because you can work the big fields thoroughly.

With the record number of ducks this year, it should be a blood bath. Stay tuned for an update in the fall…

~ Adam

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