Melvern on Fire

Last Thursday, on the way home from Hillsdale I broke a leaf spring on my boat trailer.  We were able to limp home and get it to my garage, but it has yet to be dealt with.  With my boat out of commission, Eric volunteered to take me and a fishing/hunting buddy, Dan, to Melvern.  We loaded up at 5:30Am on Sunday morning and stopped to get minners at the Shell station just south of Gardner.  With a decent count of probably 15 dozen we headed down and hit the first brush pile at 7:10.

The fishing was hot and heavy again, right where we left it from the week before.  We started by fishing a brush pile that starts in 13ft and ends in 18ft of water.  We have named this one “Old Faithful” because it has been so good to us over the past few years.  There have been days where we do not leave the pile and claim two limits in two hours.  Whoever placed this pile, hit the jackpot as far as location.  About 15 keepers and an hour in, I set the hook and it didn’t move.  It ended up being a big ol’ catfisk.  It was a blast on an 11ft rod and it was a testament to my favorite Ozark jig pole. 

We ended up hitting several piles on the East end of the reservoir with pretty good success, but the major numbers came when we made a big move further up the lake .  The keeper ratio also went up.  We single poled minners with a ¼-1/2 oz weight over a gold Aberdeen hook.  It was pretty much a tic, tic, tug method all day.  Sometimes they might tic it 10 times before there was just weight on the rod.  Other times, the line would start moving.  Melvern definitely has some quality fish.  We had several over 13”, lots of 11-12”, and the rest good eater 10-11”.  We decided that we had to have caught at least 300+ once we finished out our limits.


It was extremely hot, but proved to be an excellent day with some good buddies.


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