Dippin’ Truman for my dad’s b-day

I met my dad and a lifetime buddy at my parent’s lake house this weekend for a weekend of fishing and fun.  It didn’t disappoint.  It was my dad’s birthday, so I wanted to take him out and put him on some fish.  We arrived at the house late afternoon and wanted to get a few hours of fishing in before the sun went down for the evening.  When I got there, the thermometer was over 100.  There were little storms popping up everywhere and the air temp dropped to 88 degrees in about 15 minutes.  It was shaping up to be a great night on the water.  We decided to hit Truman for some crappie action.  We loaded the coolers with frosty ones and picked up minners on the way.  We stumbled on a brush pile on a bluff that started in 13ft and ended in 20 ft of water.  I had been by this spot a hundred times before and never knew it was there.  We dropped the rigs down and immediately started catching…I think we have seen this theme before.  Find brush, drop minner, catch fish.  It isn’t hard.  We proceeded to catch for an hour or so until the guys said they were actually tired of catching fish.  At one point my pops caught two keepers on one pole at he same time.  We were only keeping fish that were no-doubt keepers.  We probably had 20 in the box, but had thrown back at least three limits of legal keepers.  I like fishing down by the dam, because you get a mix of white and black crappie.

We decided to pull out the trolling rods and troll cranks and relax the rest of the evening.  Another bonus about the dam area is there are crappie, white bass, wiper, and catfish, so you never know what you might catch.  The wipers sure do put a bend in the long trolling rods.  We only caught one small wiper, but he still fought for his life.  While we were trolling, the shad exploded right in front of us and we luckily had two short rods rigged with Kastmasters.  We casted to the explosions and caught a few small whites.  I decided to get the cast net out and net a few that we planned to freeze.  Last time we wanted cut bait for catfish, we couldn’t find shad and it was absolutely frustrating.  It won’t happen again now that we have a freezer full of gallon bags of shad.  One throw of the cast net filled the front live well of the Lund.  I could barely get the net up out of the water by myself because it was so full of shad.  I think we challenged the weight limit of the cast net with 50lb in one toss.

Saturday morning we all woke up with hurting heads and decided we were going to dip minners all day at Truman.  We made some sandwiches and refilled the coolers.  We stopped and filled three minnow buckets on the way to Bucksaw.  We went up river and hit a couple honey holes that I knew about.  We caught some awesome fish in 10ft of water, but they were few and far between.  We decided to go down from Bucksaw and found some real nice fence rows in 15-20ft of water that were loaded with fish.  The bite was non-stop the rest of the day.  We fished and moved hitting tree after tree.  We did our count and only needed a couple more fish to finish out our limit.  We only kept fish over 10” since anything smaller only provides a little potato chip fillet. The only exception was if the fish swallowed it.  We ran out of minnows about 10 minutes after we caught our last good keeper of the day.  I can’t imagine how many fish we caught.  My buddy said it was the best day crappie fishing he had had at Truman.







Sunday morning we got up and went back to Truman.  We drove around for 2 hours marking spots with the GPS and sonar.  Right now Truman is very low and old tree rows are sticking up everywhere that are usually out of sight and out of mind.  I couldn’t believe the amount of good structure that is out there.  I look at it as if it is an investment for the future.  I have heard some old timers down there that say they have fished the lake for many years and never knew some of the stuff that is now showing.

~ Adam

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