Lake of the Ozarks Weekend

Seems this weekend found us all doing our own thing. I personally headed down to my parent place at Lake of the Ozarks with my wife and Dakota. It’s nice to get away sometimes and see my family. The problem is the water was HOT at 92 degrees and it was the perfect weather for drinking and floating, not fishing. But as a true Outdoorsman who can go to the lake and not fish.

The crappie have been eating the minnows as fast as you can drop them under the dock so I wanted to try something different. I used a little plastic bait that imitates a new hatched minnow and when you tip it with a crappie nibble it’s irresistible to the fish. This weekend there were even a few bonus blue gills, most fish were 10 to 12 foot down all on micro plastics tipped with a nibble.  






One of the intersting changes over the year at my parents place has been the transition from mostly white crappie to a even mix of black and white crappie which you can see below. Black crappie are said to thrive in more clear water which would describe LOZ 10 months out of the year.

A bright spot about it being hot is Dakota gets a great workout off the dock. When it’s hot out she is a little more excited to jump into the water and chase a bump.







And when you stop wanting to fetch sometime Momma gets a crazy idea and this happens…

~ Nick

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