Melvern Piles Still Going Strong

This morning found Benton and I headed out to Melvern for an early morning crappie run. The temperatures have been in the low 100’s so we wanted to try and beat the heat.

We started out jigging and spider rigging minnows in and round brush piles in the Arrow Rock area. We found fish on every pile we stopped at. The first fish of the morning was a nice 13+ inch crappie and we both thought we where going to have a heck of day.  But, as always, the size evened itself out. We worked over 7 or 8 different brush piles, pulling fish off of every one of them, but we did not find a real hot bite until right about the time we where getting ready to leave, which is normally the way it goes.  Our best two brush piles that produced the most fish where in 9 foot of water and 14 foot of water. Very surprising since the water temp is close to 90 degrees.

We did have some nice fish mixed in but over all the size has been a little smaller this year. As an added bonus I caught two nice small mouth and Benton caught 2 nice drum (who says you cant spider rig smallmouth). The first small mouth was a nice 3-4lb fish, one of my biggest ever. As a personal first, I had a double  hookup with one being a nice 2 lb small mouth and the other being a 12 inch crappie. Both hit at the same time off the same pile and where a blast to fight.

As we where finish out the day we stopped at one ofthe first brush piles we had fished earlier in the day to give it a quick retry. This pile is interesting in the fact that it starts in 14 ft of water and lays on top of a break that ends in 18 ft of water. We finally found the fish sitting on top of the pile on the shallow end.


Here is a quick video of us spider rigging on the pile today.

All in all not a bad day. We ended up catching about 125 fish and we did keep the 16 biggest fish. If we would have been keeping all the keeper size fish we would of ended up with 3o to 35 keepers total. Not a great day at Melvern but not a bad day at all.

~ Nick

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