New Water

Today found Eric and I wanting to try something new. And in true outdoorsman fashion we headed south into the heat to try some new water. This little lake shall remain nameless for now but it does have my attention to some degree. We have found some good fish of all different shapes and sizes but we can’t seem to find any real structure just lots of breaks and ledges. Eric and I started out by trolling shallow running crank baits looking for schooling crappie. We found them all over the lake but not in any really solid concentrations. White pearl bomber model A were the crappies choice tonight.  After about an hour of searching we found two real sharp breaks that did have some fish on them and spider rigged minnows to see what it would produce. The end result tonight was a good number of fish but no real concentrations to focus on. Oh well, we fished until about 6 PM when a nasty little thunder storm popped up and pushed us off the lake. We put the last strap on the boat when a nasty bolt of lightning flashed and rumbled within a second of each other… Time to go!!!

In between trolling and rigging tonight, we tried to drop a new pile for future considerations. So as usual we cut down 3 cedar tree but I forgot one of the buckets in the truck. In true Outdoorsman style I figure one 90 lb bucket of concrete should be enough for 3 full cedar trees… Nope, we left the lake under storm warning watching our pile float down the bank… I know one tree one bucket!!! If anyone sees a wayward pile would you take it back where I tried to drop it!!!

~ Nick

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