Summer Drifting for Channel Cats

I have yet to figure out where, how, or why my son is – and always has been – obsessed with the whiskered ones.  But he is.  And always has been.  I guess when all you really do is crappie fish, the chance at a big catfish lurking deep beneath has all the air of mystery and excitement that a kid could dream up.  I get that.

After a “no-kids-on-board” crappie run yesterday, Nick was kind enough to invite Ashton to call the shots for the Sunday morning getaway.  When this junior member of the KS Outdoorsman club has a voice in the decision making process, (and it’s not often that it happens, mind you) well… it’s bound to be a quest for Mr. Whiskers.

Off to Hillsdale we were, with the first order of business being bait collection. After a favorite bank or two yielded little in return, we found what we were in search of in terms of good “drifting sized” shad (3-4″ seems ot be about right for what we were doing) and collected a couple dozen, maybe 30 or so, which was about all we needed for the time we planned to spend on today’s adventure.

Shortly after we found ourselves ready to rock, Lindy-rigged shad adrift.  It doesn’t usually take too long to pick up fish on Hillsdale Point, and today was no exception.

Our first drift started us off nicely with 4-5 nice cats, and it stayed pretty consistent from there, with a 16″ walleye, and some decent sized drum – just to keep us guessing.

Once we got the pattern down, we started to find the fish consistently in the 10-11′ depth, and usually pulled multiples off of the front side of humps in that depth range. Any time we moved into water that fit that pattern, we knew to be ready for certain action.

As always, by finding and nailing that pattern, you are bound to make the most of your time on the water.  The more time we spent drifting the point, the better our drifts got, the more cat we caught, which made for a nice ending, catching the most and biggest fish of the day towards the end. Had we been fishing for the frying pan, we would have kept 15+ nice eaters.

With the shad running low, the heat running high, and a boat load of fun summer drifting under our belts for the day, we were all ready for a cooler climate at home.

Check out more videos from today on our YouTube Channel.  And as always, thanks for stopping by.

~ benton

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