Slow Cats, Suprise Walleye

Nick Thowing the net

Tonight we wanted to see if we could recreate Sunday’s success with Mr. Wiskers. So Adam, Eric and I head back out to Hillsdale after work to float the main point. Did I mention it’s still 103 out when we get to the ramp… but that’s beside the point. As always when your drift for cat fish gizzard shad are your main bait. The problem this year is we are finding the larger shad don’t like the hot weather either and are staying deep making it much harder to find and net them. This means several extra throws in hot weather which equals more sweat.

Eventually you will get lucky and once the right amount of shad had been secured it was time to head back out to where we had left the Cat fish 36 hours before. The only problem is the wind had shifted from the south to the east making the float at a very different angle. Yesterday the cat’s where right on the break, if you where off the break no cats!!! Today we just couldn’t find a solid pattern or stay on a good break. The angle of  the wind blowing across the point either kept us to deep or to shallow. Oh well, but the walleye bite was better. We managed to pick up two nice eye’s with the biggest going right around 19 inches. It’s hard to watch those fillets swim away but he lived to play another day. All in all the cat fishing was slow but we did use enough shad to have a good time.
~ Nick

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  • Randy says:

    You guys have a great blog with a lot of helpful fishing tips. I found it thru the site and have been following it since early summer. Most of my crappie fishing is at Toronto in early May. We did make a run to Glenn Elder this past May and did ok but the weather went bad on us. We got to meet Chatt as he was staying at the same place as us. He is a real character. I am going to try and fish some piles at El Dorado here in the next couple of weeks. I really enjoy your blog and have told several people about it. Randy

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