After a stressful week, it was time for a getaway. Tonight found Eric and I back out at Hillsdale just wanting to relax. After a short debate about what to fish for, we both felt like just relaxing and letting the wind take us where it may. So we loaded up the boat only to find out when we got there they had posted a blue green algae warning… This mean no swimming for humans and dogs. Well try telling a lab (Dakota) to stay out of the water. She didn’t seem to understand why she couldn’t swim like she normally does and after one brief spash and mad dash to get her out of the water we were off looking for shad.

If you have followed us for some time, you know that finding shad this time of year can be a little tricky. Today, I had Eric and the front of the boat and in 2 casts we had more shad than we needed…


 Tonight we decided to try a new location and we were right in doing so, we found the cats on the edge of the big flat up the little bull in 10 ft of water. On the first float we had 4 keepers including a 6 lb fish and we thought we where going to just rip them tonight. BUT, as usual the wind changed, or in this case stopped all together. It’s not easy to drift fish when your not moving, kind of defeats the whole purpose of “drifting”. With no wind in the narrow little bull we decided to move out to the main point where a friend of ours (Jeff) was having some luck. We pulled up just in time to kill the wind there to, who would have thought we had that kind of power.  We did manage to find enough of  a breeze to keep us moving a little and that lead to a very good walleye bite. Again tonight, the walleye where on the east edge of the main point and they were biting. We both boated nice fish and had enough small cats to keep reaching for a rod all night. We ended up with a nice keeper walleye and about 13 nice cats. Not a bad way to end a stressful week. On the walleye we are fishing with shad we have neted (they are dead) and drifting a three way swivel that has a 1/2 to 3/4 ounce weight on about a 12 to 18 in drop line. The other part of the 3 way has a single  #2 circle hook with about a 3 foot lead off the three way.

Here is a picture of Jeff with his neighbor Dan and the “kids”.

~ Nick

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