MORE Floatin’… Crapps & Cats Edition

Cloud cover, a little rain here and there, mildly lower temps… seemed like a worthy recipe for getting out on the water and NOT feel like skillet fodder on a Saturday morning.  After letting a storm or two pass, we met up with Mr. Nick and made the short jump to our backyard “home waters” for a morning of chasing.

We started out with our closest friend, Ye Olde Papermouth as our target of choice, and began our spider rigging minnows over the brush piles out on Hillsdale point.  We started picking up a few here and there, but nothing of great size, and not with much consistency.  We did manage to pick up maybe a dozen, 15 or so fish – a handful of them keepers – with most coming near or over brush piles.  While most of our fish were caught 10-12′ down, the water depth varied somewhat from pile to pile.

With the wind picking up, challenging the spot-lock to a one-on-one duel to the death – and just enough rain to make it uncomfortable – we headed in to a sheltered spot out of the wind.   We ended up picking up a few more nice fish, but still not exactly a heavy bite.

After some success by Nick, Eric & Jeff yesterday locating plenty of shad and drifting for kitties over in the Little Bull area, we decided to make a run over there.  To nobody’s surprise, we found Jeff’s boat, loaded with Eric and the both of their sons on the same pattern. True to Nick’s Harry-Potter-like abilities, he did some spectrum-patronus thing that changed the wind 3-4 times, making each drift require a completely new and unique pattern.  Not sure how he does that, but he’s getting better all the time – and we’re all kind of hoping it goes away before the Ducks get here.

Unusual wind changes aside, we did manage to pick up a handful of nice cats, and watched Jeff and
Eric get their boys on quite a few as well before calling it a half day well spent.

Not the most or biggest fish we have caught, but when your “slow” days are still 30-40 fish in the boat – not to mention just being on the water – you are doing all right.

~ benton

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