Back for More

After yesterday’s fun with the bugs of the stinging variety, we needed to finish up our blind work today. And with the help of my neighbor Rob, this task was accomplished. We ended up moving both ends of the blind down the bank about 40 feet to be closer to the damn… It’s nice to get thing completed and allow the grass time to grow back up naturally.


 One of the things you don’t always think about when out working is what to do with your Lab… Mine likes to swim, jump, frollick and play.


The problem with this is there is a nice layer of scum on the pond, and well you probably guessed it…Dakota found it easily and had a hayday rubbing all those “good” smells all over herself.   

But the problem is, MOMMA doesn’t allow no pond scum and/or stinky puppies in the house.  A good ol’ hose water bath was a necessity when we got home.  All part of the hunting adventure, I suppose.


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