Toronto Res

So after having worked so hard this morning I headed down to Toronto Res to fish with Jeff for the afternoon. A cold front had come through overnight dropping the temps from the Mid 90’s to the Mid 70’s. We have really needed the cool down but it brought some much needed rain and strong north wind at 20 to 30 mph. Normally when we go to Toronto you want to crappie fish but with the wind as bad as it was there was no way to control a boat to do any tree dipping or rigging in that wind so Jeff and I opted to drift for some Cat’s and then troll for some whites/crappie as the evening goes on.

The first task was the normal shad chase. It took us about 20 minutes and 30+ throws to find our need quantity of shad but for Toronto that’s about normal. With shad acquired it was time to brave the wind and do some drift fishing. Normally when you drift for cats you want to try and float across as many channel breaks and elevation changes as you can. The problem with today’s wind was it was blowing in a direction that required a very precise drift to hit those ledges and  we needed a drift sock to slow us down,  which acts as a pivot point swinging you back and forth not giving you a true float. So Jeff and I struggled today getting the right line. We never found a true float which meant we never found a true bite!!! We did manage to scratch out 5 or 6 nice cats in the 5 lbs range but we never found that true bite.


After floating for cats for a couple of hours we decided to try and learn the lake a little bit and troll for some whites. With murky water and the major temperature drop be didn’t expect much and we didn’t find much. But, it was great evening on the lake and great way to spend a Sunday. Here are some pictures of Dakota enjoying the cool weather.

~ Nick

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