Incredible Fall Day in KS


What a beautiful fall day in KS. The high temperature was 80 degrees today with almost no wind. In KS, you just don’t get days like this very often so when my incredible wife gave me a late birthday gift and said get out of the house she didn’t have to say it twice. Even better was, Jeff and Eric’s wives both said the same thing! So we decided to head to Melvern Reservoir to try some crappie fishing.  We have recently been hearing that the crappie where biting but the size has been smaller than years past. So when we loaded the boat and headed south with our expectations not of limits but of a great day on the water, and with the weather who could complain about either.

After stopping to get minnows, we got to arrow rock boat ramp about 2:20 and where on the water headed to our first spot about 2:45. We wanted to check a ledge that Jeff and recently caught some nice fish on to see if we could find anything on the graph. Sure enough there were some nice marks right where we wanted them, so we dropped down our minnow rigs and started slowly working back and forth over the break. We did find some nice fish putting 12 nice keepers in the box in about an hour and half. We didn’t hammer the fish but most of what we caught where keepers with some nice 13 to 14 inch fish which is a great way to start the day.  The key tonight on the ledge was you had to be directly on the bottom right on the break or No Fish!!!

After the bit e slowed on the ledges we decided to head to some of Eric favorite piles up the lake. As usual with Melvern we found fish on every pile we tried over the next 3 hours. With the most of the fish coming on minnow rigs IN the brush about 20 foot of water 12 to 17 foot down in the brush.  While we were fishing the next to last pile Jeff and I both hooked up with solid 13 in fish but Eric’s 10ft jigging rod double over. You could see the familiar head shake of a nice catfish. After a short battle with both brush and fish Jeff helped Eric land this nice 8 to 10lb flathead. What a great kicker fish to fun night. Here is a short video of the fight and flathead.

Eric Landing a Nice Flathead

After the piles slowed down we head back t arrow rock ramp thinking of calling it a night, but decided to stop by a pile we call old faithful and as expect she gave up a few more very nice fish to go along with an incredible sunset/moon rise. All in all we had great evening and ended up with 53 keepers most over 11 inches. Not a bad way to spend beautiful fall day.









~ Nick

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