Pink Meat Journal: Pt. 5 – The Gallery

The stories that come with an adventure like this are those that should last a lifetime.  The words are only half the fun, though, as I find a great deal of joy in taking pictures, and taking post-production liberties with said pictures much of the time, turning my average shots into something that more closely resembles the world through my own eyes.

This post will serve as a gallery to show some of the pics and video we took over the quick 3 day run to Ludington, MI.  I keep things chronologically ordered to best reflect our quest for the Pink Meat.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nick & I on our way out to the pier-head to cast glow spoons.

The first pic I took as we rigged up and made our way towards the lighthouse upon arrival Saturday.

Nick and Forrest, racing daylight.

A view from the end of the pier.

And another, similar shot.

Chris & Forrest

Your unshaven author.

The glow of a setting sun on the lighthouse at the Ludington pier head.

Casting spoons on into the night.

The S.S. Badger ferry leaving Ludington for Manitowoc, WI.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Nick and a local on the Pere Marquette.

Nick casting plugs on the Pere Marquette as the sun rises.

One of our local friends wading out on the flat.

A perfect Foggy morning out casting for salmon on the Pere Marquette River.

A view of the docks where the local charter boats are located.

Our boat, the "Lie-A-Lot" ready for our afternoon launch.

I love taking pics of the gear, as you will notice...

Captain Mike, with Lie-A-Lot Charters.

Chris on his first of the trip.


15lbs of pink muscle wrecking the surface.

Me and Nick, pausing between the bending of rods.

More tools of the trade.

My first of the trip, a tasty "little" Coho.

My first salmon, Mr. Coho.

And my celebratory beverage.

Dusk bite "on" at the lighthouse.

As the sun lowers, the bite heats up...

Another shot of your Kansas Outdoorsmen, just soaking it all in.

More of my Gear Art...

Chris' line screaming out grabs our attention...

Had 13 rods out at once most of the time. These were extras.

In the fight...

and fighting...

Fighting both fish and fading daylight...

An "Outdoorsmen" double at dusk...

... and a perfect finish to the day.

the necessary "trophy" pics...

Full Posse shot.

Your Kansas Outdoorsmen.

Do we LOOK like we are having fun?

By far the nicest cleaning stations I have ever seen.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A first look at the Sea Screw...

Chris & Forrest

Silhouetted weaponry aglow in the sunrise

A pastel start to the morning.

Hard to tell where the water and the sky meet....

Nick rocking it.

Sun on the lines...

... and another take on that.

All the pretty colors...

Working a nice one myself.

Nice King...

Pictures like this are almost as much fun as catching fish. Just ONE of the reasons my friends think I am crazy...


Hands down the fish of the trip. Pretty sure I lost its twin brother right before Nick hauled this one in.

Very nice fish, pushing the 23-24lb+ mark.

Cooler shot, Day 2.

Back at the marina, docked.

The Day 2 catch...

Our catch posing for that obligatory "hang shot"...

And finally, well, it just would not be Nick and I if we didn't pull over for a pit stop and find ourselves accidently next to a duck marsh.

Yeah, go figure... 🙂

That’s a brief version of the story, told a bit differently, using all the pretty pictures and video to support some of the rabble I’ve throw on the previous pages/posts.

I do hope you enjoy, and thanks for taking a look and following along on our adventure. I can’t thank enough Nick and Chris for inviting me along as a part of this.

And thanks to Forrest for showing us all how to get it done.  Not many things more exciting than seeing a 12 yr old outfish us all!

~ benton



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