The Whites Were on Fire

I fished a local lake tonight just after I got home from work. I have been learning this lake over the last 7 months and upon further discovery I have learned where the white bass and wipers like to hang out. Tonight found dakota and I going solo.

The plan of attack was go troll for whites up and down a break and just knock them around. My first pass found the fish right where I wanted them to be. Only thing is they were stacked in there. So I decided to use spot lock to anchor about 10 feet away from them and cast the small version of thin fins to them. Let me tell you it was on for 2 hours. Almost every cast produced fish and they where so thick you could feel the crank bait hitting them as they went through the school. One thing tonight that was a little different is that fish turned off for 15 minutes like a light switch. It was right as the moon was rising but you could still see the fish on the depth finder and feel the crank bait hitting them they just would hit for that short time. After the moon came up then they started hitting again. Great night.

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