Friday Night on Melvern

Friday found Adam and I enjoying an incredible afternoon at Melvern Res in Eastern KS. After we took some time to get minnows it was off to enjoy an incredible afternoon of light winds and 70 degree temperatures. How can you go wrong in KS with no wind and perfect temperatures.

Adam and I decided to start out fishing a brush pile we call old faithful. Many times we start the day here and end the day here never having to leave. Today things where a little slower but at our first pile we did manage to catch about 30 crappie with 12 keepers.

After the bit died we move up Turkey creek to find some new piles. We spent a little time today just driving around with the depth finder look for new places to fish.  In Turkey creek we fished 4 different piles with all the producing lots of fish. The problem was the fish we did catch where all in the same year class, last years!!! So after spend 45 minutes in dink hell and only adding two fish to the live well we headed back out to the main lake.

Once we were back on the main the size really picked back up. We found a really hot pile and spent the last hour of the evening fishing till we ran out of minnows. The bite was hot and we were able to take this detailed video showing how to use multiple Kentucky rigs over a brush pile (just click on the link). Using Kentucky Rigs over Brush Piles for Crappie

All of our fish came in 12 to 16ft of water at the top of the brush pile. We tried both jigs and minnows with minnows out producing the Crappie 15 to 1.  We ended the evening with 26 keeper and spent one of the best evenings of year outside.

I did have one really fun thing happen tonight that was a new one. There where so many crappie on the pile tonight that one actually got snagged in my line while I was fishing. There was no hook in his mouth, hook was actually caught on the weight line and wrapped around the fish…









~ Nick

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