Friday was so nice we decided to do it twice…

Sunday involved two choices. Stay at home work around the house and watch the Chiefs play or go fishing at Melvern again. Adam and both chose the second one!


Today found Adam and I headed back to Melvern to see if we could repeat Friday’s action. We made it out on the water about 10:30 in the morning and started fishing brush piles again just like we finished Friday. The big difference between Friday and Sunday was a major wind change. We had a stiff 10 to 15 mph wind out of the NE today that we didn’t have Friday, and what a difference it made. The first pile we stopped at ranges from 12 to 18 ft of water and the upper part of the pile didn’t have a fish on it. We worked over the deeper side of the pile and found the fish, but no size today. So after working over several main lake piles we opted to head back up Turkey creek. We did spend about 45 minutes just looking for piles today and found some nice size ones. We fished up the “creek” for several hours catch a lot of fish but just like Friday we found mostly small fish.


Starting to think today wasn’t our day we headed back out to some different main lake point. I can’t say that we where real excited with the wind and cool temps but we had minnows to burn. We ended up back on the pile we finished up on Friday and man what a difference a piles makes. We pulled up and started pulling good size off of it right away.  This piles though was back in the 11 ft depth.


On a side note have you had someone just pull up and start fishing your marker buoy? Out of now where I look to my right and there is fellow outdoorsman Eric pulling slabs out 15 feet away.  Dirty rotten scoundrel!  (Just kidding, we called and told him where we where)


Well after going through 6 dozen minnows and 7 hours on the lake we licked our wounds and headed home. Not even thinking we needed to count our fish we made it back to Spring Hill with our mind starting to turn to upcoming fall hunting season. Good thing we stopped when we did once we started counting we ended up the day with 37 keepers, 3 short of a limit. All in all not a bad day, water temp was 67, high was 70 and wind was NE at 15.

~ Nick


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