Don’t forget about the White Bass

 This time of year many anglers start to chase different many species of fish. One of the most over looked or most forgot fish in Kansas is the White Bass. White Bass produce fast action along with a good which is excellent for taking kids out. So tonight three of us “big” kids head out to HD to see if would could find some fast action.

Normally it doesn’t take long to find the fish but with no wind tonight there really wasn’t anything to concentrate the fish in a particular part of the lake. With no wind to speak of it took a little longer than normal to figure out where the fish where. We started trolling shallow in 4 to 6 ft of water but with not hits we didn’t spend much time there. We re-rigged our 3 way down riggers to run a little bit deeper and headed out to a secondary point that broke off from 6 to 8 ft. The fish where scatter on this break but when you found a school of fish you could catch 5 at a time on some passes.

Tonight we trolled 3 ways with crank Thin Fin’s 2 inch rattling crank baits. Above the crank bait on a 3 way we also had either a sassy shad or a mep spinner of some type. The white where hitting the crank bait tonight more than the spinner but several times you would double on whites as you went through the school. We also picked up a few short walleye.

Here is short video of some of the action and rigs.

White Bass Action on Hillsdale Res

All in all it was a great evening with lots of good action.









~ Nick

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