Family Day


Today I had the honor and pleasure of taking my sister and nephew out for a quick 2 hour white bass hunt today. Because of schedules we could only get out for a short time today but we both wanted to make the most of it so we once things where packed and ready we made a mad dash to Hillsdale for our short outing. Today marks the first time I have gotten to take my little nephew Logan out on my boat. He was very excited to go FAST and as it is with all 3 year olds I think he had more fun today just playing on the boat and watching the water than fishing but still one of the more remember able days on the lake. Just to see him smile and having fun was well worth the whole trip even if we didn’t catch anything. Now, on the other side is there was my sister to contend with. As you get older you start to enjoy the little things in life as much as you do the big moments. And I will be the first one to admit I don’t spend as much time with my loved ones as maybe I should so getting to spend a little one on one and half time with her was very enjoyable.  The question as could she handle a day on the lake with her brother.


Now, on the main event, the fishing!!! When you only have two hours to fish you want to find the fish as fast as you can. Today, we got lucky and they were right where the where suppose to be. The white bass have been on the top of the main part of Hillsdale point in very large schools chasing shad. Let me say this, the bite as hot, one of the best I have ever had at any lake in a long time. The plan of attack was to trolling crank baits with three way swivels that had a sassy shad or spinner on the top swivel. Our first pass produced something I have never had happen in as far as I can remember. Our third hook up was all three rods and every hook all when at the same time. 6 fish at one time, every hook had a fish on. I spent most of the day being a good brother and taking fish off while handing the rods to my sister and nephew when he wanted to try. 

Here is a short video of some of the action we got into.

Christina catching White Bass as fast as she can get them in.


We fished for two hours staying on the top of the point with double and quads as the normal. With our limited time we only had 2 hours but put over 70 fish in the boat in that short time. I think my sister was a little worn out by the time we finish. All in all a very special day on the lake, hopefully with many more to come.


Thanks sis…


~ Nick


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  • Cole says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that I love the site. I’ve fished community lakes in the Kansas City area for awhile from a small aluminum boat that I had. I sold that and upgraded to a big boy boat this spring. It’s been a challenge catching fish in the bigger reservoirs. Your site has been a great help to that end. Would love to meet up at HD sometime and slay them together.


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