Waiting for Duck Season…

Is there anything worse than the weeks before the start of your favorite season? Well I have found the best way to kill that time is by doing your second favorite sport, mine – Crappie Fishing!!!

This afternoon found Dakota and I with nothing pressing to do, so with the boat in the driveway we decided what the heck, so we headed to Hillsdale for an afternoon on the water. Today was the second day after a cool front where there was a stiff north wind and a high of about 70, water temp are in the upper 60’s.  Before we even hit the water I thought it might be hard fishing, but to my surprise the fishing was better than I thought it might be. I fished several different areas to see where the fish where holding. These different areas consisted of breaks and some brush pile. I was able to find fish about everywhere I went. I only fished jigs today with a single long rod. The bait they where most aggressive toward was the  blue tube  with a chartreuse tail. I ended the day with 17 keepers and boated about 60 fish to get those. Today was a catch and release day but I kept a few for a livewell shot to see how the size looked. Nothing big just average HD fish.

As a side note, at one of our stops there where about 10 coots sitting in a tree about 20 feet away resting. It didn’t take long for Dakota to realize they where there. Needles to say they had her full attention for the 30 minutes and she watched them very carefully. All in all a great afternoon on the water.

~ Nick

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