Blind Building Part 1

The weeks leading up to the open of duck season are always full of anticipation. Unless you have NO WATER like we do (don’t) in Kansas this year. But how can you let a little thing like no water stop you from getting ready. So this morning found me down in SE Kansas helping a friend of mine build a new duck blind on his marsh.

This morning when Dakota and I took off from the house was to build a PVC blind out of some old PVC at his far. I was going to stop buy Dennis farm since it was on the way and then run into Fort Scott and to buy the need supplies.  I was hoping it wouldn’t take long for us to find out the size of pipe Dennis had brought and then hit the two True Values and lumber yard in town if need to buy supplies. Well, I guess people in Fort Scott don’t buy PVC joints in bulk very often because no one had any. So after 5 stops and an hour and a half I finally had what I needed. Let the building begin.

Plan is to build a 4 to 5 man PVC duck blind with two dog hatches. I start out cutting the pipes to size and laying it all out on the ground. This part I forgot to take picture of so sorry I was busy working!!! Then you cement the pieces in that won’t move much and dry fit the rest. Once the dry fitting and re-cutting  is completed you start using PVC cement from the bottom up.

Once you had have things secured while you are letting the cement dry now is a good time to touch up some of the white pipe with different colors of paint. Today we used green, brown and black to dull the white surfaces as much as possible.

Next you add the chicken wire all the way around the blind to give you something to attach the grass or cedar tree to. Here is picture of the completed product. We will let it set for a few days before be add the weight of the cedar and put it out by the dry marsh…


I hope it sees some ducks this year.

~ Nick


  • Dennis says:

    This is an amazingly easy blind to build, sturdy, easy to transport (weighs less than 50 pounds) and big enough for four hunters, two dogs and plenty of space to cook breakfast. Looking forward to hunting out of it.

    Nick was able to build this from beginning to end in about 5 hours.

  • Jake says:

    Finally! I have been looking all over the internet for a portable duck blind design that I can afford on a college budget. My only question is, what is the best way to set the dog up? I have a dog am trying to decide if I should leave one of the front rectangles empty for a dog door, or if I should do what you did and leave a side open. If there is any chance you (nick) get this (I realize it is 5 years old) I would really appreciate some tips. This will only be my second year hunting with a dog and I have a lot left to figure out.
    Thank you

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