Double Duty for the Minnow Master

This morning found Benton, Ashton (Benton’s son aka “The Minnow Master”) and I up early to for some good old double duty on a Sunday morning. Today the goal; catch crappie in the morning and cut cedar for our duck blinds in the afternoon. We also had a surprise visitor as a friend our ours Doug (aka Huntncap who avoided the camera today) joined for the crappie part of the day.

Since we had vision of a busy day we decided to meet at the Maryville ramp at Hillsdale this morning at sun up to try our hand at the crappie. We used jigs and minnows mostly fishing a few brush piles from about 7 am to 11. The bite was slowww today to say the least. Between the four of us we managed 12 keepers and about 30 fish total… not a great day by my standards but I think everyone had a good time.

The crappie where so slow this morning that we opted to throw on a few crank baits and try our hand at some whites(I left my favorite baits at home the thin fish rattling deep diver). With the wind steadily changing to the north I was hoping the whites might give us an hour of good action. The pass produced a triple of nice 1.5 to 2lb fish, ITS ON!! Wrong, another 20 minutes of the same pattern produced only 2 or 3 more fish… But lunch at Hillsdale Bank BBQ saved the day.

When we got to the ramp this morning there was a stiff south wind of about 20 blowing. By the time we pulled off the lake the wind was 15+ out of the north.  With water temps between 63 and 64 I wonder if this had anything to do with the slow bite?

After lunch we said good bye to Doug and proceeded to cut down some cedar branches to zip tie to the outside of our duck blinds. We spent about 10 minutes cutting and loading cedar branches then opted to just drop them off today verse actually brushing the blind.  We will save that for next weekend.

All in all a great day.

~ Nick

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