The Huntincap OPEN!!!

By rule I don’t like to fish most type of competitive events. For me, it takes the fun out of the sport that I love so much and becomes too much like work. The only exception I make to the rule is when a friend needs help, so this Saturday found Adam and I help out our good friend Doug with his first ever charity tournament for his church at Hillsdale.  Since this was just for fun there really wasn’t any stress about winning since other than a good ribbing if we lost our plan was to donate all the money back to the church anyway, that meant everyone wins.

After our instructions at he boat ramp this morning we had an 8am launch time and off we went. Adam and I had fished Friday morning to try and figure out what the “bite” looked like. With a solid plan of attack in place off we went. Our plan was to work over 4 or 5 brush piles in 8 to 14 ft of water with jigs and minnows. Well, our plan didn’t pan out… Our first two piles produced only one keeper, and I am not going to lie we were looking at each other. This kind of had us worried since this event went for 7 hours… That sounded like a long day of grinding on fish. As luck would have it, our next pile (and last pile) we found the crappie and boy did we find them. We fished that pile for 3 ½ hours with the bite never slowing down more than a fish a minute. Lots of throw backs but we easily had our 10 fish to weigh in and our 40 fish limit (even though we only kept 36 here).  We also pulled a couple of bonus fish out of the pile.

My dad taught me many very important rule of fishing. Rule 1; don’t leave fish to find fish!!! Problem, when your tournament fishing you break this rule far too often in search of bigger fish. Adam and I had planned to fish piles to pull our number and then later in the day move to the main lake look for a bigger kicker fish.  Our plan was to head out to some main lake piles once we had a good bag and try and find a little better size. For once, our plan worked perfectly today. We left fish to find fish, and even though we didn’t find many fish the one’s we did find on the main lake where better fish and we where able to upgrade our bag just a little. But as always when there is a weigh in waiting you just never know. Total Keepers today where 56, most off of jigs, all in brush, no wind, high of 77, water temp 60 degrees.

The plan was for weight in and following fish fry to be at Doug’s church in Gardner at 4 pm. This meant we had to pull off the lake about 3 and head into town. Somehow Adam and ended up winning both the overall weigh in and the big fish prizes, I guess our plan worked!! After the weigh in we all cleaned fish and then enjoyed a great fish fry and lots of good BS. Doug we had a great time on an incredible KS day. Here are some pictures! you just never know.  Total Keepers today where 56, most off of jigs, all in brush, no wind, high of 77, water temp 60 degrees.

~ Nick


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