Bass Fishing a Hidden Lake

The fall weather has just been great in Kansas so far this year. A fellow Ducks Unlimited Committee member and I have been planning an afternoon bass fishing trip for a couple of weeks and today the weather held true for us.

This afternoon found Travis, of Felix Fishing, and I head out to a not so small hidden lake in SE Kansas. I have fished this lake a few times in the past for crappie and whites with some success and stumbled on a few very nice bass. So why not call a guy who fishes Bass Tourney and have him show me how to do it. Travis and I head out about mid afternoon to this hidden treasure and spent the afternoon working the banks for large mouth. The plan was to work a variety of finesse and crank baits along the bank. Although the bite was slow Travis did manage 3 or 4 fish all under a pound and half so all was not lost but all in all it was a great afternoon on the water. We never really could develop a true pattern but it was still a great afternoon on the water. Thanks for a great afternoon Travis.

~ Nick

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