Crappie or Ducks?


It’s 65 degrees out with light winds; Not a very good day to go duck hunting when it’s  still 45 degrees in northern Manitoba where most of the ducks still are. So what’s a guy to do on a Friday afternoon, Go Crappie Fishing one last time!

With the weather being less than ideal for duck hunt a buddy and I opted to spend the afternoon on the lake fishing for crappie. The bit was good most of the day but you had to be the exact spot they wanted. If you where in the wrong end of the brush pile or the wrong spot, NO FISH.  We fished brush piles in 12ft of water using only jigs. Our final total was 33 keepers with a 3 to 1 throw back to keeper ration. We used jigs only with blue with a chartreuse tail being the best jig. All in all a great way to spend a wonderful KS afternoon pulling slabs out of Hillsdale KS…

~ Nick

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