Migration Day

Last night we received our first measurable rain in almost 2 months. We got about one and half inches here in Spring Hill. Not enough to fill the ponds but enough to raise the levels some!!! But on the back side of the rain came strong North Winds of 30+ mph hour most of the day. Normally in KS this puts us in what I like to call a sandwich position the day after a storm like this. We tend to lose a lot of the local birds south with the wind but we really don’t get any new birds till later that night or the 2nd day after a storm. The problem is, when you have a morning scheduled off from work you just have to go.

This morning found my neighbor and buddy Chip VanHouden will today. Chip and I both had commitments around lunch time today so we decided to get up early and drive north to Atchison hoping to find some new birds in our quick 2 hour hunt.  The rain had stopped a few hours early and as we pulled up to the field the starts shone brightly. Not what I was expecting! Not letting this detour we strapped the decoys to our back and started out on the ¼ mile walk. Today we opted to put out 2 ½ dozen mallard decoys and leave the geese at home. As luck would have it, it didn’t matter. Today action was as expected, slow. We had a green wing teal in the decoys before light of which he left and came back two or three times until LST then we shot and missed him… Right after sunrise we did have a buetiful pair of wood ducks sneak in on us. Chip took one and I was able to knock down the other. Dakota made a great fetch on both of them but that would be it for ducks landing on our pond while we were there. We did see a tremendous number of speckle belly geese migrating south on the heavy north wind with a few groups of ducks mixed in up high. I have a feeling we will see a lot of next ducks and geese in the area the next two days.

As an exciting note as I was at the edge of the pond I had a spike (small buck) come walking up through the corn directly at me with Dakota in a heel position right next to me. The buck stopped  and looked at both of but I guess he wasn’t scared as help walking right up to till he was less than 20 yards. Chip stood up and for some reason the spike decided that Chip was a problem and ran off. Dakota just looked at us like, you goanna shoot some ducks or what?!?

~ Nick

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