Wood Duck Hopes?

After a rough go at it with the mud this morning, a friend of mine was nice enough to allow me to run down to his place for an afternoon wood duck hunt on one of his marshes that have enough water to be hunted.  With modest hopes at best I half wanted to scout and half hunt this afternoon looking for that miracle flock. You know that one group that shouldn’t show up but does? Well the trip down was good, nice and smooth with no major troubles. As a bonus, I pulled up to see a beautiful bald eagle circling the marsh I was looking at hunting. Is this a good thing?

I loaded up the decoys (on my back) and headed down to the marsh, as I was walking up  I noticed that the mud was sticking up in the water. That meant one thing, human tracks. This marsh is split with a group and it’s half on and off my friends property so it was no big surprise that it had been hunted that morning. With as little water as there was around I figured anything that knew of the little marsh got blasted at this morning. Unfortunately my worries where confirmed as the evening played out way to quitely. Dakota and I got to watch a wonder Kansas sunset and some beautiful fall foliage with lots of red tailed hawks but not Ducks… Oh well, hope fully we will have better luck in the morning.

~ Nick

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