Just one of those days…

Have you ever had one of those days where no matter what you try it just didn’t work out? Well, today was my day. The plan this morning was for me to meet Benton and Adam around 5:40 at a local gas station to head out to the blind for a duck and goose hunt. This morning I come out of the house and start loading decoys only to notice that the tire that we fixed last Sat in Atchison is now flat… Quickly I add some air and check the patch; yep it leaking enough I can hear it and feel it. No way I’m taking that on a 30 minute trip. So I get on the phone to Adam in time to catch them before they are past the point of no return to come get me. This makes us 20 minutes late to the spot. With only 15 minutes to set up we rush a spot location and set up to close to the damn where the water is to deep to put decoys out far enough from the bank to look lifelike. Crap, with LST right on us we tough it out and guess what… The only group of mallards to fine into the decoys my dog (Dakota) breaks early on for the first time this year. She has been rock solid but NO, not today… At this point my clams are steamed, I think you could see steam coming from my ears!

Long story short, I made us late today. I caused us to set up in the wrong spot and my mutt cost us the best shot at birds today… Oh well. Benton should have a better recap with better pictures!

~ Nick

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