First Goose of the year for Dakota

Today found Benton and me out for a quick duck hunt before work. With the recent rains and the north wind our hopes where on some new ducks in the area. This morning were hunting a pond with a good friend of the outdoorsman Travis Perrett. Travis has a blind just about 2 miles north of our main pond we hunt.  Benton use to have permission to hunt this pond several years ago so this was a fun chance for me to see the birds flight path from a different perspective and for Benton to take a trip down memory lane.

With the recent rains Travis’ pond had gained back several feet of shore line so we opted to set up a two thirds goose decoy spread and the remaining third duck decoys. The strong W/NW wind we sat up in the NE corner of the pond hoping the wind would push the bird to right in front of the blind. With ducks landing on the pond before LST while we were setting up our hopes were high. But as this year would have it, those hopes soon faded into empty duck skies. We did see a few singles and small groups but didn’t have one duck finish into the spread today while hunting…

But, the geese showed up today in numbers I have not seen yet this year. We really didn’t seem much in the way of birds from LST to 8 am but after 8 the light switch turned on for the geese. To start out we had a group of about 15 lock up and circle the pond.  As they were making their final decent a pair broke out and came right in to the decoys giving us a 15 yard shot. Instead of waiting for the rest of the group to work in, we opted to take the2 birds in hand instead of the 13 in the bush.  Travis folded his on his second shot and mine took 2 loads of 3 inch number 2 and cripped over the trees behind us. Dakota made here first goose fetch of the year but after 2 searches of the field behind my goose was not to be found. I hate losing birds but all in all we saw around 15 different groups of geese and one large flock of snows (4 to 500 birds) The only other group we had lock up on us was a very high group of migrates that cupped their wings and started dropping straight down . As they where descending we had three very cautions birds sneak in from behind us. Since we were blowing are call fairly loud at the ones about I think we put the lower group we didn’t see on alert because the high group joined in with the three and after 2 more times circling the pond, off they went.

It’s starting and what a morning in the blind.


~ Nick

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