Just for Dakota

Thursday Morning was cold. By cold I mean 21 when we showed up at the pond. We have seen some skim ice a few times this year but there was a good 10 to 15 ft of ¼ inch ice around the pond. Sooo, that means duck right.

Chip and I headed to Atchison this morning to hunt a farm pond not expecting too much with almost no wind this morning. We saw a few groups of mallard’s right as LST but with no wind they didn’t want to stop bye. About 15 minutes after shooting we where visited by a group of ringneck’s . Diver are normally not on the menu in my blind but with the season we have been having we had no problem taking a little frustration out on some ringers and Dakota was more than happy to fetch them. We ended up knocking down 4 drakes.

Today I made a big mistake in using motion decoys. (mojo’s) We don’t hunt mojo’s very often, mostly because geese just don’t finishing in to them on most occasions. When we do hunt with them I try and put them out right at LST and hunt with them until about 8 when the geese really start flying. Well today we were a little late setting up, so I skipped them for the early light period. During this time we had 6 or 7 different groups of ducks work us but with no wind and heavy frost on the grass things just didn’t look right. So about 8 am I grabbed the mojo’s and pitch them out trying to get some motion for the ducks. Well you know what that means. About 15 minutes after setting those out 15 honks lock up and start our way. As always about 150 yards out they realize that something is wrong with those dumb ducks that won’t land and keep on flying. Just my luck! All in all we there where a good number of mallards in the area but no takers other than the diver we ended the day with our divers.

Dakota in the frost.


~ Nick

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