A Little Green

This morning I made it out for a solo hunt. Having seen so many Mallards yesterday I wanted to head back to Atchison and be as sneaky as I could be. Today’s big difference was the wind. And by wind I mean wind, it was blowing 30+ with gusts into the 40s. As a duck hunter you want some wind but anything over 30 MPH nothing wants to move in it.

With all this wind my expectations were not too high but after seeing all that green yesterday I had to give it shot. Dakota and I got there in plenty of time to set up the decoys this morning and were in position to enjoy the sunrise and what a sunrise it was. Only problem was there where NO ducks flying. Finally, right at 7 AM I looked to my west just in time to see a group of about 15 mallards crashing hard into the pond. With the wind blowing so hard there was no point in calling so I just hunkered down and watched. They came right in low over the north end of the pond and decoys and in one pass came back over my head and came right into the far edge of the decoys. I picked out two drakes that where lined up hanging over the decoys at about 20 yards and pulled the trigger. Nothing!! Crap I pulled up on the next drake and folded him solidly, by that time there where gaining air in the wind so I picked out one more drake right in the middle of the pond that was just hanging at about 35 yards and just crunched him. Dakota made a solid fetch on the down bird in the water. The second duck had swum to the shore line and was hiding in the grass at the water’s edge but it didn’t take her long to sniff him out. Soon she was bouncing back to me with a beautiful drake Mallard in her mouth.

 As a side note, the first shell was a federal 3 inch number 2 load and the last two shells were 3 inch number 2 heavy shot shells. I am really starting to be a fan of this new heavy shot. The heavy shot really stoned those two birds on longer shots than first one.

After that I only saw two more groups of birds and they where high migrates. All in all it was nice to finally get some green to commit and finish in the decoys.

~ Nick

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