Quick Hunt

I managed to make a quick outing with a friend before work today. I was on my way to Holton and I was lucky enough to catch a quick 45 minute hunt with a friend just west of Olathe on my way out of town. Boy, the birds are here in good numbers, we just can’t get them to decoy worth a darn. We only had one bird finish in the spread this morning, a beautiful drake Widgeon. My buddy made one shot and broke a wing; the rest was Dakota’s efforts. It took here a few minutes to finally catch up to the diving drake but as usual she wore him out. As I was leaving for work, I heard one more shot from the blind… just my luck!

I drove over 300 miles today seeing Canada geese the entire trip both in the air and on the ponds. They are here boys; the next 2 months should be fun!!!

~ Nick

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