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Sorry for the lack of posts this week. With deer season and end of the year work in full swing things have been crazy. Not to mention one of our outdoorsman had a little repair surgery and we wish him a speedy recovery.

So far this year my 2011 deer season has been one of good friends helping out. Several of our outdoorsman and their kids have taken some nice deer and should post about their adventures soon. I was only able to hunt 2 days this year (one evening and 1 day).

My first hunt of the year was on a beautiful piece of land owned bye a good friend of mine named Dennis who was nice enough to offer me an afternoon hunt Sunday after we had a great goose hunt that morning. After a quick a lunch and a short rest to watching the first half of the Chiefs game I headed south for an evening set. On the way down to the land, there seemed to be doe’s in about every grain field at 2 in the afternoon. Hoping I was not too late, Dennis had given me instructions on which stand to use and how to get in there sneak in. I was relieved when I finally made it into the stand over a small rye food plot. Having not bumped any deer on the trip in to my stand I was ready to watch the sun set on another great Kansas evening.

After about an hour and half in the stand (4:30) I had my first deer movement of the day. I nice sized antlerless deer was work the edge of the pond at about 150 yards in the video. After about 20 minutes he worked his way along the damn of the pond and headed straight for the food plot I was sitting in. I watch him start feeding into the plot at about 50 yards. I spent a few minutes watching him and waiting for him to give me a good broadside shot, that’s when I decided to fill my doe/antlerless tag. (notice how I keep saying him, I don’t like shooting small bucks but he only had small knobs that I could not see until I was up close) Right after I pulled the trigger he flinched hard and I could see him shooting blood out the far side of his body as he ran. A solid hit and he folded up in the grass less than 30 yards. I still had 45 minutes to see if a buck would come out to fill my second tag. No such luck as I only saw two more antlerless deer at about 150 yards in a tree row.

After the hunt, Dennis was nice enough to help me clean the deer up and  bone him out, within an hour we had all the meat off of him and the carcass in the trash. Thanks for all your help and a great hunt D-man.

Skinning A Deer in Kansas

Friday 12-9 found me with an offer to hunt with a friend of mine named Doug. Doug was nice enough to offer me a chance to go set with him at his in-laws land just 30 minutes south of us here in Spring Hill. The morning started out very eventful, Doug and I had planned to meet at the local Golf Course at 5:20 to ride together to his land. Doug had texted me that he was running 10 minutes late which is no big problem, I can just sit and sip my coffee till he gets here. Well shortly after I start my coffee a Spring Hill Police Officer pulls up behind flips on his lights and has me get out of the car. After him running my plates and checking my ID he tells me I am clean… No crap.

The Morning set

Doug shows up a few minutes after the police officer left and off we go. Doug had done some scouting and wanted to set me up on a heavily used trail on the top of a ridge where the deer bed all year around. I got in position a little later than we had planned with only about 10 minutes till LST. Doug headed off to his stand and bumped several deer on his way in, likewise I did hear a lot of rustling of leave around me in the cedars for the next 20 minutes. It was a great set up but no deer showed their furry white tails for me to say hello to. We decided to call it quits about 10 so we could both go get some work done and then head back out of an evening set. As we were leaving there were 2 small bucks playing on the hillside about the farm, boy they are fun to watch.

That afternoon we met back up for the evening hunt and head down to the farm to try and get set up about 3 pm. That morning as we pulled in we saw several deer in the wheat field right in front of the farm house, my plan was to try and catch a doe feeding in the field at sun set. I snuck down the shelter belt to where I was about 200 yards away from the corner of the field that intersected a large pasture with two large ridges for them to bed on. The thought was they would enter the field about 100 yards away giving me a perfect broad side shot as they feed at the edge of the wheat field. Well, right about sun set (5 PM) two little bucks enter the field right by the farm house  (400+ yards away) and headed north away from me. After that, nothing showed up until right as I was getting ready to leave, a doe stepped out into the field right in the corner of the field I had been watching. With very little light and about a 175 yard shot, I decided not to risk a bad shot and passed on it. I would really like to get my last deer but it just wasn’t worth risking a wounded animal in low light, oh well. There is always the late doe season since my next two days are slammed.


Looking into the Corner The Farm House


The Farm House

When I got back to the truck Doug’s eye where wide open and did he ever have a story to tell. Doug had been cover up in nice bucks as soon as he got into the stand, the deer ranging from a nice 130 10 point that walked under his stand to a very nice 160+ bad boy that stayed just out of gun range. There is a reason those big boys get big! With the coyotes laughing at us as we left, you just could not of asked for a better evening (without pulling the trigger) in the field.

Thanks Doug and Dennis, see you on the doe season.

~ Nick

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